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Scholastic Assessment for classes VI to VIII 2018-19:

Sno Class Type of tests Portion covered Tentative dates

Term –I (100M)

1 VI – VIII Periodic Assessment –I (20m)

· Weightage of Periodic test (10m)

· Notebook submission (5m)

·  Subject enrichment (5m)



30% of total syllabus



9.7.18 to 16.7.18

2 VI – VIII Half yearly exam (80m) 60% of the total syllabus 1.10.18 to 8.10.18

Term –II (100M)

3 VI – VIII Periodic  Assessment – II

·  Weightage of Periodic test (10m)

·   Notebook submission (5m)

·   Subject enrichment (5m


Syllabus covered till date

Assessment will be conducted at the end of the term


17.12.18 to 24.12.18

4 VI – VIII Pre final (80m) Syllabus covered till 31st Jan 2018 18.2.19 to 23.2.19
5 VI – VIII Yearly Exam (80m) Class VI: 10% of 1st term covering significant topics +entire syllabus of 2ndterm.

Class VII: 20% of 1st term covering significant topics + entire syllabus of 2ndterm.

Class VIII: 30% of 1st term covering significant topics +entire syllabus of 2ndterm.

Ist week of March

 Scholastic Assessment for classes IX & X 2018-19:

Sno Classes Type of tests Portion covered Tentative dates  
1 IX & X Periodic test –I (40m) 30% of total syllabus 11.7.18 to 15.7.18  
2 IX & X Periodic test –II  (60m) 60% of the total syllabus 1.10.18 to 8.10.18  
3 IX & X Periodic test – III (80m) 80%  of the total syllabus 10.12.18 to 15.12.18  
4 IX & X Pre final- I (80m) 90% of Syllabus –Cl-IX

Full Syllabus – Cl-X

17.1.19 to 23.1.19  
5 X Pre final –II (80m) Full Syllabus – Cl-X 4.02.19 to 12.02.19  
6 IX Yearly Exam (80m) Complete Syllabus 16.2.19 to 23.2.19  
Board exam –  80M Entire syllabus will be included for class – X
Internal Assessment 20 marks Periodic written test – 10m

Notebook submission – 5m


Subject enrichment activities – 10m

Weightage of each periodic written test is 10m.

Average of the best two tests for final submission will be taken.

  • Subject to changes brought about by CBSE from time to time.

Co-Scholastic Activities

  1. Work Education
  2. Art Education.
  3. Health and Physical Education

For the holistic development of the student, these activities will be graded on a 3  point grading scale for classes VI to VIII and 5 point grading scale for classes IX and X.


  1. Attendance
  2. Sincerity
  3. Behaviour
  4. Values etc.

The students will also be assessed for discipline on a 3 point grading scale for classes VI to VIII and 5 point grading scale for classes IX and X.

Refer CBSE circular no : Acad 05/2017 dated 31/01/2017.

                                           :  Acad. 14/2017 dated 21/03/2017.

Assessment for classes XI & XII  2018-19

Sno Class Type of tests Tentative dates Class Type of tests Tentative dates
1 XII UT –I 8.4.18 to 13.4.18 XI UT – I 3.7.18 to 7.7.18
2 XII UT – II 3.7.18 to 7.7.18 XI UT –II 1.8.18 to 7.8.18
3 XII UT– III 1.8.18 to 7.8.18 XI Term –I 9.9.18 to 14.9.18

Prac 15 to19

4 XII Term –I 9.9.18 to 14.9.18

Practicals on 15 to 19



5 XII UT – IV 30.10.18 to 3.11.18 XI UT-III 30.10.18 to 3.11.18
6 XII PB –I 8.12.18 to 18.12.18

(Prac 19 to 22)

XI UT – IV 11.12.18 to 15.12.18
7 XII PB –II 18.1.19 to 22.1.19 and board practicals XI SA -II 9.2.19 to 19.2.19

Prac 20 to 22

  XII Board exam March      

Assessment for primary classes 2017-18

SNo Name of the Exam Month
1 Periodic Test – I July
2 I Term End Evaluation October
3 Periodic Test – II January
4 II Term End Evaluation March


Co-Curricular Activities:

Pupils are given ample opportunities to reveal their latent talents through a number of activities and competitions, both literary and cultural. Inter-house events are an annual feature, for which attractive prizes are given to encourage the children.


Excellent training is given in drawing and painting and the pupils regularly participate and win numerous prizes in Art competitions conducted by Avantika, Kalabharati and so on.


Systematic coaching by professional coaches is available on payment in sports like cricket, basketball, football, table-tennis, chess, etc. The pupils get an opportunity to play at the district, state, cluster and national level. Inter-house events give everyone an opportunity to play.

Competitive Exams and Competitions:

Pupils of  all  classes are  encouraged  to participate  in various competitive  examinations like National Talent Search Examinations (NTSE), Mathematics and Science Olympiads, UN information tests, Heritage Quiz, Elocutions and Debates.

Educational Tours:

Every year the pupils of each class are taken to places of educational interest (on payment) keeping in mind their age. This proves to be an interesting and enriching experience for them.

Counselling / Medical:

  • A qualified doctor and counselor are available on the school campus.
  • In the present-day  situation educational guidance – how to study, how to score, personal counseling, parent-child relationship, teacher-student- peer relationship or any other emotional problem or conflict,  leisure time  counseling, hobbies-sports activities, parent counseling etc., form part of our broad-based counseling services.
  • Parents / students can avail the services of the counselor available in the school (during school hours)


Merit prizes are given to the toppers of every class.