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Welcome to Balabharati

Activities 2018-19 (CLICK HERE)

The early childhood care and education is intended to provide crucial input for human resource development. This serves as a feeder and support programme for primary education. Emphasis is laid on pleasure, perception and participation of the child at this stage. The focus is mostly on group activities. Play way techniques, language, number games and many other activities helpful in promoting socialization and environmental awareness among children.

The pre-primary education should help preparing the child for subsequent stages of `whole brain ‘thinking.

We at balabharati encourage joyful participation in an environment of pleasure, perception and participation. Our curriculum focuses on interactive mode, skills of identification, matching, drawing, skills of socialization through interaction, positive attitude through child and nature, and among peer interaction.

We believe in holistic development of pre-primary age children in terms of physical, social, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, cultural and related fields.

Self expression, observation skills, health and hygiene, habit formation are very important at this stage.

Headmistress- Balabharati